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Painting ideas for kids to learn the drawing

Kids painting 

Painting appeals to young and old alike. But now, it’s not always easy to make a work of art. Here, all you will need are your children’s hands and feet and a little gouache or any other type of paint. You have to spread some in their hands or under their little feet and let them walk on a sheet of the size you want. After that, you can help them improve their masterpiece and create something original to treasure. You can also teach your kids about vocabulary words that start with e.

Painting ideas

We develop children’s creativity while having fun with painting. If you have cardboard plates leftover from a previous Christmas, birthday, or picnic, you have an excellent, inexpensive creative medium in your cupboards! Indeed, cardboard plates allow you to give shape to wreaths, animals, masks, boxes, frisbees, lampshades. All you require is a little time, paint, cotton, and a few ribbons.


We keep the wine corks to make brushes of circles. It is exciting to see how we can manage to make a canvas simply with rings. Share posting

With the hands

Print your hands on a sheet of paper and try to create artwork from this shape. Experiment, fingers tight, and then fingers spread. It will stir your imagination. You can also use fingerprints.

Mini mini mini

With Q-Tips, we try to make a work with dots. Not always easy, but it makes our dexterity work.

Tap! Tap!

Instead of chasing flies with a (clean!) Fly swatter. Try painting flowers instead. Precautions to be taken: a paint that washes out and old clothes.


Celery is a lot more fun when you can use it to make beautiful roses. We can also do it with other fruits or vegetables.

Scented paint

For a particular project, you can paint with a Kool-Aid mix. The result looks like water-based paint with a big plus: it smells good!

Salt paint

Nothing easier! And yet, salt gives texture to our paint. We need water-based paint and table salt. We paint on a sheet of paper, and every time we are done with color. And before the water dries up – we sprinkle with salt. We let it all work. We repeat as many times as necessary. As a clue, children are told that every time they rinse their brushes in water, they should sprinkle their artwork with salt.

Nice graffiti

We like to draw on sidewalks and in driveways. But chalk is not always enough for our little artists. We, therefore, prepare a mixture of a bit of water, cornstarch, and food coloring (2 portions of water for one part of cornstarch). We are trying to obtain a texture similar to water-based paint in just a little thicker. This graffiti disappear as if by magic when the first rainfalls.

Various tools

What do an old toothbrush, comb, sticker, water bottle, fork, sponge, and penny have in common? They can be used very well as brushes for a “brushless painting” activity. A great way to stimulate children’s imaginations differently.

Minute stained glass

We pour a little paint of a few colors into a resealable plastic bag and secure it with sturdy gummed tape to the glass of our patio door. We let our children create a brief but beautiful fresco in the sun.