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packaging ideas

Packaging ideas for bath bomb to dominate the competition

Bath bombs are a commonly and much in demand product nowadays. These tiny little balls are formulated to step up your bathing experience and be a source of relaxation for you. As the name signifies, bath bombs activate once they come into contact with water and burst like a bomb. This is also a major reason to provide your bath bombs a packaging that keeps them safe and prevents them to get in contact with exterior objects.
Bearing in mind the high demand for bath bombs, there are many companies that have introduced their own bath bombs. But it takes them time to realize where they lack and why aren’t they succeeding in generating their sales. The lack, henceforth, lies in their packaging. Many people keep ensuring the exceptionality of their product but fail to work on attractive packaging. Merely working on the better formulation of bath bombs is not enough until you don’t have a packaging that succeeds to fascinate your targeted audience.
Apart from that, your packaging must have the capability to stand out amongst the other bath bomb packaging. In order to dominate the market competition, here’s a quick guide to some amazing packaging ideas for you to stand out in the crowd!

Express the scent and theme of your bath bomb through colors!

Make the color of your custom bath bomb packaging be a source for you to express what your bath bomb scent is about. For an instance, if your bath bomb has a floral scent, choose colors like lilac, pink or red. Or if your bath bomb has a fruity scent, go for colors like orange, peach, or yellow.
Colors become your voice to communicate with the customer without having them read the packaging. In these unprecedented times, people don’t have much time to read every packaging and choose what suits them best. Your packaging must be able to speak for the brand and represent the brand in order to convince the buyer. A convincing packaging is always the one having the best thematic sequence of colors.

Choose the best packaging ideas for your bath bomb!

There are a number of packaging styles at present. All you need to do is do a little research and decide which packaging style is best for you. However, we’ve eased the research area for you. Below mentioned are some packaging ideas styles you can consider while deciding the packaging style of your custom bath bomb boxes:

Tray and sleeve boxes:

Consisting of two parts, the tray and sleeve box come with a top and a bottom. The top is the sleeve/lid which covers the tray. They ensure the safety of the product. Moreover, delicate products like bath bombs need packaging ideas that are able to secure their delicacy. These types of boxes are the perfect fit for your bath bombs.

Foot Lock tray boxes:

This elegant box design comes with two locks, one being the larger and the other being the relatively smaller, conjoining each other. They are user-friendly and easy to carry. Your shipping process becomes easier with these types of boxes.

Bookend boxes:

These boxes come with a double opening as the name signifies. A bookend box gives a unique visual appeal to your custom bath bomb packaging. This style is definitely your best friend in helping you stand out amongst the many other bath bombs packaging.

Hexagon boxes:

These boxes have a luxurious appearance which is the perfect fit for a product like a bath bomb. This shape in a box is mainly used by chocolate manufacturers. Now here is where you test your creativity. A chocolate-flavored bath bomb can be perfect to be packaged in a hexagon bath bomb!

Personalize a logo for your bath bomb box!

The logo is the identity of a brand. An anesthetic logo helps the customers to easily recognize your brand. Moreover, it signifies your ownership of the brand and product. Personalizing a logo for your custom bath bomb boxes helps you smartly dominate and overshadow your competitors.
While designing a logo, keep the following two things in mind:
  • Does it relate and signify your brand?
  • Is it aesthetically appealing enough to stand out?
  • Is it expressive enough to be a voice of your brand?
It gets very easy to customize a logo when you start your designing process based on these three questions. Your logo will ensure your identity in the market and enhance your brand value. Hence, the importance of a logo on a bath bomb packaging must not be forsaken.

Enhance your Packaging by adding gloss/matte, silver/gold foil elements!

These tiny additions to your bath bomb packaging help you multiply the appearance and overall outlook of your custom bath bomb display boxes wholesale.
For an instance, outlining your logo with a gold foil will make your logo eye-captivating. Similarly, glossy packaging would look very attractive even from a distance. Moreover, it’s totally up to you to decide what elements must be added to your packaging ideas because you will decide what aura to set for your bath bomb.

Attach a thoughtful and heartfelt message for your Customer to your Packaging ideas!

Heartfelt notes are pretty much appreciated by people in this day and age. Keeping in mind that every other person has a hectic and stressful life, adding a thank you note glorifies your consideration towards your customers. Moreover, what is better than making someone’s day with your cute little gesture? Therefore, facilitate and show your loyalty towards your customers with a heartfelt message to them on behalf of the company!
Following all these steps will help you stand out amongst your competitors along with showcasing your consideration towards your buyers. For a fact, the packaging of your custom bath bomb boxes must not be neglected anyhow. Your success is in your hands. All you have to do is be expressive, creative, considerate, and innovative!