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Mobile Application Development Is A Complex Process
Closeup side view of two of late 20's application developers working late at the office. There are african american woman and a caucasian man. He's explaining how the app works on a smart phone.

Mobile Application Development Is A Complex Process

We have used several mobile applications that benefit us in some way. They are a highly functional piece of software and help things to be done smartly. Mobile application development is a complex process that includes a lot of technical aspects to deal with. It runs on mobile phones of different platforms and ensures that the users are provided with the best results. It includes creating the installable software bundles that are binaries, code, and assets. Also, the implementation of the backend services to access data such as API and the applications testing on the targeted devices on which it has to run. A professional mobile app development company ensures that all the work is done, keeping in mind the main objective of user satisfaction. What mobile applications have been doing is impressive; this is why users demand more functionality that increases complexities in the process.

This is why mobile app developers charge a good amount of money if asked to develop a mobile application. They realize how much work it can be. It has to be the priority always to hire professionals and experienced mobile app developers to do the work. If the project falls under those who are inexperienced or entirely new, the result will always be useless. We have to understand that the money spent in the development phase is an investment that can only be converted into profit if the application turns out to be good. For this to happen, the requirements of the mobile applications have to be clear. If the requirements are misunderstood, then it is undoubtedly not a good sign. This process can be lengthy, but it has to be right. The market is now full of mobile applications and many more and in the development phase.

The Two Dominant Platforms In The Market

There are two giants in the market when it comes to mobile applications. One of them is iOS from Apple, and another one is Android from Google. All the products of Apple are developed using iOS, and on the other hand, we see the Android operating system not only used by Google devices but also by other OEMs to build their smartphones. A professional mobile app development company offers both services to create applications that run on iOS and Android.

There are some similarities between these two platforms, but they both have different software development kits  (SDKs) and toolchains. Furthermore, Apple only uses iOS to develop its devices; Google makes it possible for other companies to use Android to meet a set of specific requirements. Mobile app developers are developing applications using these two platforms for the users.

The Front-end Of The Mobile Application

This is the interactive visual part by which the user interacts with the application. All the interaction between the user and the mobile application happens here. Users download the applications from the app store and the play store or reach them through a device browser if it is a progressive web app (PWA). The front-end of a mobile application has to be interactive because it is the only thing the users see. We have often seen that it does not matter how good a mobile application is; if the users do not like the front-end, they will not use it.

The Workflow Of A Front-end Mobile Development

When we say someone mentioning he is a mobile application programmer, front-end is the part that they talk about. They have expertise in the languages and technologies designed to create the front-end of the mobile application. It depends on the size of the team that develops the applications and the roles and duties of everyone.

It can be a single developer who works on a mobile application. All the aspects are dealt with by him single-handedly. The team can be up to ten or even a hundred people. It depends on what type of mobile application is in the development process. Each person has a skill set that has something to do.

There can be creative graphic designers that create the visual elements of the mobile application, such as icons, buttons, themes, and background colors. There can also be user interface designers responsible for designing the layouts of the components and how they will interact. This is often seen that multiple teams work together to develop a single mobile application. The best-fitting example here can be a mobile game application. It has a lot of areas that require the expertise of multiple developers.

How The Back-end Integrates With The Front-end?

It is essential that the data is up to date and readily available to the mobile application. It has t be updated in the backend so the front-end can work fine. The backend services are accessed by a variety of application programming interfaces, also known as APIs. GraphQL and REST are the most useable examples here. Some APIs are directly available to the mobile application through calls, and some have to be integrated through a software development kit commonly known as SDK. Once the SDK is added to the mobile application, it can use the defined APIs in that SDK file.

The Requirements Have To Clear And Focused

The mobile application is successfully built when the requirements that the customers provide are clear. Here, the customer has to provide the requirements that are thoroughly researched. Unclear requirements are one of the crucial issues that make mobile applications useless in the market. What good can a mobile application bring to the users if it can not fulfill the purpose it is developed for. Every professional mobile app development company always ensures that the requirements are clear before working on the application.


We have to understand that mobile app development services can help the business to do wonders. A mobile application indeed needs the expertise of professionals so that it can turn out to be beneficial. The customers always appreciate businesses that have their own mobile applications developed. This is the best way to beat the competition in the market and have the edge over your competitors.