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How to Create Design for Food Industry

No matter how much you think you know about branding, food branding is a little more tricky to emphasize than other industries. The food industry relies on natural desires and “gut” sensations, and product visions can make your customers hungry — or lose their appetite.
For anyone who specializes in food — a wide range of packaged food manufacturers, brick and mortar retailers, restaurants, food blogs, food-related services and beverage companies — the food branding strategies are not clear. In this guide, we provide an overview of food branding, explaining what you need to know to make a positive impression on customers.

3 questions to ask yourself before making a food design

You will need to answer some difficult questions about your business before deciding which branding strategies will work best. These three important questions will help you to get to the heart of what your business really is

1. Who buys your product?

Who is your target market or customer? What are their statistics? What do they like, how do they want to talk about it and what are their points of pain (related obstacles and distractions they want to be removed from their lives)? Marketing is designed to guide your customers, so the more you understand them, the better.

2. How would you describe your product?

This is a creative activity to help identify your product style. If you have a clear answer to this question, fine! If not, don’t get angry – try listing the adjectives to describe your product personality with the help of a graphic designing company until you have a good idea. Adjectives such as energy, love, invitation or loyalty can help you sharpen the tone and character of your product.

3. What sets you apart from your competition?

The key to creating a brand is to differentiate your most attractive features and play those top ones so that people think of you first when it’s time to part with their money.

Tips for Creating a Delicious Food Ad Design

So now you have a list of things that each designer needs for a delicious meal. But is it that easy? There are at least hundreds of color combinations and countless fonts, not to mention the different logo layout options. Needless to say, creating food ad designs requires a very detailed input.

1) Spruce up the Food

We discussed in the previous section that product images are common place in all food advertising designs. But the question remains as to what kind of images your customers are likely to come into contact with? What is the guideline for making a food advertisement spit on social media?
However, while there are many ways to deal with this, we bring you a few creative tips for the ball to roll with each session:
• Always use high quality images in all of your food advertising designs. Often, it is the key to the ad, so there is no consensus here. And when we say quality, we do not mean the decision alone. Items such as lighting, background, layout, and stage locations also play a major role.
• Explore and experiment with different ways of taking product images to choose the best one that fits the food ad designs. Keep an eye out for angles where food may not look too good.
• Take pictures of food or food products where you can highlight its natural color, texture, and mood. Images with the shape of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, or pastas look very attractive. This is because it gives the feeling of being young which is a good place to sell.

2) Keep It Easy

Minimalism is the taste of the season, hands down. And that’s why we highly recommend keeping it simple in your food advertising designs. At least, there should be two or three design elements.

3) Custom Images

Have you heard of Kawaii? Great for Japanese design. Kawaii is a tradition of giving good features to inanimate objects, especially food products. Think a can of soda with legs or a sushi roll with eyes. Now, this product of bringing products to life is now popular all over the world, especially in the food industry.
And the best way to achieve this is to incorporate image design elements into your food ads. Graphic design services in India the food industry can help you enhance your product’s appeal without the hassle of photography.

4) Make It Move

The success of the video on social media has shown us that customers prefer mobile devices over non-existent ones. So if you want to design a food ad that generates great interest, here we go again – make it work!

Some of our best suggestions in this area will be:

• Create as many Social Media video ads as possible. Video ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a higher ROI because customers like them more. Food is a very visual product and video helps you incorporate graphics, sounds, and real information much better than a picture.
• Videos that look too expensive? What about investing in GIFs – the highest shared content on the Internet. Creating food ad designs in this format can make you move on without having to spend a lot of money on quality rendering and long videos.
• Looking for ideas without recording? Thankfully, however, animated videos are very popular in the food industry.