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Pixel 6. Magic Eraser Doesn’t show or is not available How to fix it?

A cross-platform photo viewer, Google Photos is pretty amazing when it comes down to making minor adjustments to your images through your phone. Although the app works for the two platforms of iOS and Android It also comes with more features to users of Google Pixel devices. One of the features that were made available in Pixel 6 is Magic Eraser. Pixel 6 series is Magic Eraser which is a tool that eliminates unneeded elements from your photo to create a perfect image.

If you have recently bought your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll be able to avail the Magic Eraser. But, some users have had difficulty trying to find this function on Pixel devices. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to solve the “Magic Eraser” not working or a problem in the Pixel 6 series smartphone

What exactly is Magic Eraser on Pixel 6?

Magic Eraser is Google’s latest method of using algorithms to create photos unique to you. Magic Erases, as its name implies, makes use of machine learning to identify unwanted elements in photos and eliminate the unwanted elements in a manner that doesn’t impact the image by any means. Check out the Tecno Camon cx Air price in Nigeria. The unwanted elements could include things you don’t want to be visible in your image as well as people who are in your background or any other distractions that can take your attention away from the subject you want to photograph.

How can I fix the “Magic Eraser” showing but not working or a problem that is present for Pixel 6?

If you own a Pixel 6 series but you haven’t been able to use the brand new Magic Eraser tool inside Google Photos You can check out the solutions below to make it work.

Fix #1: Be aware of how to utilize Magic Eraser inside Google Photos

Before you assume that you don’t own an access point to the Magic Erase tool on your new Google Pixel 6, you might want to find out the best way to access it through your Google Photos app.

If the editing screen is displayed and you are able to see the suggestion tab that is open in the lower right. Based on the image you are using you might see the option ‘Magic Eraser’ appear on this screen. In the event that it doesn’t, do not fret that you’ll still be able to locate it in other places. On the screen, for editing, you can swipe left and right through each tab until you come to “Tools”.

Click on the Tools tab towards the bottom, and you’ll be able to see the option ‘Magic Eraser’ there. To access it, click on the ‘Magic Eraser’ option.

Google Photos will now check for people or objects to take out.

When the app identifies things you might want to get rid of, they are highlighted. If you want to erase all the suggested areas from your photo You can click the option to erase all in the ‘Suggestions discovered’ ticker that is located below.

If the image shows multiple options to erase. And you are only looking to eliminate one or two then you simply tap the object or people you’d like to get rid of.

Solution #2: Upgrade Google Photos to the latest version from the Play Store

If you’re unable to gain access to your Magic Eraser option like we’ve demonstrated above. It’s possible you’re using your Google Photos app on your Pixel 6 might have been out of date. To do that, simply open the Play Store app, and look up “Google Photos” in the search box that is located at the top. In the search results, click Google Photos. Select the Google Photos app and then click the “Update” button on the next screen.

You can also use the Play Store link to get to the Google Photos app directly on your Pixel 6.

Solution #3: Download Google Photos app version 5.64 manually

If you’re unable to utilize this Magic Eraser feature on your Pixel 6 after updating to the latest version, there’s just one method to enable this feature to install version 5.64 of the Google Photos app manually. Magic Eraser tool would be immediately available for use.

Does Magic Eraser show up on all images?

Magic Eraser isn’t limited to images you click with the Google Pixel 6; however, it will be available for all images you’ve saved to phones or uploaded on the Google photographs account. Check out how much is Itel A56 in Nigeria. It is possible to make use of this Magic Eraser tool to remove undesirable objects. And individuals from images you’ve made using other cameras and phones including those you clicked a few years in the past.

Does Magic Eraser work only on Pixel 6?

As you might have seen under”Fix #3″ above. In the “Fix #3” section above We’ve used Magic Eraser on a Pixel 3a device after installing the latest version of the Google application to the phone. In this way, you can use Magic Eraser to remove distractions from your photos even on an older Pixel device. It’s highly unlikely, however, that Google will release its Magic Eraser tool for Google Photos on Android phones made by other OEMs.