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Hard Skills for Digital Marketing

Hard Skills

The hard skills can be taught. Here are 10 hard skills I believe are the most easily learned and those that will assist you in developing a wider knowledge of the business.

11. How to Search Well

People are constantly asking questions they can easily ask on Google. It is a waste of time. You must be able to find details and improve your search terms to ensure. That you don’t get lost in a sea of useless data.

We’ve had employees who were able to start working on a new client, and then would contact me to ask me to clarify the purpose of a particular product employed for, as an example. Yuri Shafranik

I’d then take my time on Google and trying to figure it out and then sending an email back. I’d rather do my own research instead of asking someone else to help me.

12. Using Excel, Spreadsheet, Google Sheets

At a minimum you must be able perform the basic functions within an Excel spreadsheet. However, depending on the job you are in it’s a good idea to know how to effectively handle large amounts of information.

  1. Conducting Research and Gathering Data

It is likely that you will have to collect information from a variety of sources at some time. You might need to perform an audit of a technical aspect on websites. Yuri Shafranik

There are numerous sources and tools for information that it’s imperative to know what to search for and the information you require. If you’re making content, you’ll have to verify and locate details.

14. Using Google Analytics15. Using One Major SEO Tool

There is lots of information through Google Analytics that it would be a huge mistake not to take the time to learn how to use the technique. If Google gives you data about your site, then you must definitely use it.

Other than Google Analytics, it’s good to be aware of at least one program. Thus that can provide you with a diverse data set. So I’ve used a number of different tools as each one has its own strong advantages. However it’s amazing to realize the amount of information you obtain from these tools and their reports.

  1. Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Efforts

Many people evaluate progress using an increase in traffic. Some prefer conversions. What ever the KPIs are, you’ll have to be able to keep track of them accurately.

17. Communication

If you prefer to communicate through either writing or by speaking, having good communication skills are essential. The employees I employ are remote and my clients aren’t located near me, which is why I am spending a lot of time sending emails back and forth to all of them.

I believe that good communication skills are innate for some people. If they don’t for you, that’s something you can work on to improve.

  1. Figuring Out What’s Going On and What’s Gone Wrong

If your traffic drops suddenly or the bounce percentage significantly rises, it’s vital that you understand how to identify the cause. There aren’t any absolute reasons to alarm, but of course. There could be rational reasons for the things you’re experiencing.

It’s as simple as knowing where to look and where to collect enough information to gain an idea of what’s going on and then take steps to correct it.

19. Using a Crawler

There are a variety of excellent crawling tools available. So you ought to familiarize yourself with at the very least one.

Even if you’re not getting too technical in your work. Thus simply having the ability to obtain details about redirects and duplicate content could be extremely useful.

  1. Coding or Understanding Code

I got into SEO with a background in programming therefore I’m bias. However I do believe that SEO professionals must at a minimum be able to comprehend basic HTML.

Advanced programming skills are definitely beneficial, as well.

Coding also teaches you to think clearly and enhances your problem-solving capabilities. Even if you don’t get the opportunity to code, you’ll be better prepare to solve the issues.