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If you are a blogger and you want to give visibility to your website or you are interested in digital marketing, this is your article. You may already know the term guest blogging because it is not a new technique, but it is certainly a fundamental concept to grow your blog and one of the most popular SEO Off-Page techniques.

“Guest” is an Anglicism that means guest, so it gives us many clues. Guest blogging is a technique that supports the SEO strategy and consists of publishing content on another author’s blog to generate links between web pages.

The unwritten rules of Guest Blogging

The objective of a guest blogger is to enrich the content of the external blog, providing useful and differential information. Although deep down, the desire is to develop synergies between profiles. That is to say, that both benefit in such a way that I make myself see on your website and you on mine.

It is a way to promote your brand outside of your media and generate earned media quickly. But is any blog worth doing this? The topics of the blogs must be similar, also the tone of communication and the language. Thus the bounce rate will be lower.

When writing a post on the external blog, make sure you have reviewed the Collaboration Policies so that your post is included as a “do follow” and has value for Google. If, on the contrary, the link is “nofollow” it will not benefit you in the ranking.

Advantages of the Guest Blogging technique

  • New audiences: you will be able to reach a wider audience since you are benefiting from your partner’s readers and thus have access to your work. For this reason, it is very important to take care of the content that we write almost as much or more than our content.
  • Professional relations: another advantage is the visibility that arises among the sector because you will increase social relations if you also mention other professionals in the post.
  • Collaboration between authors: once you start generating successful collaborations, it’s a loop. You create a link with that partner and you enter their niche.
  • Improve SEO: guest blogging is a positive link-building technique, which means that it will not penalize you for putting external domains, if not the opposite. Each link that you include external to your blog will make your level position in the search engine improve, especially if the authority of your page is high.
  • Authority: gaining authority for your blog means becoming a reference in your field of action.

Optimal guest blogging strategy

Do some research

Find blogs you can associate with, choose carefully as this will lay the foundation for your collaboration strategy. Read the blog you want to participate in well, analyze its writing, the volume of words, or the quality of the articles. Make sure you know what you are writing about and that you have something in common with your collaborator. For this, the most logical thing is to start by listing the blogs that you like and that you already know and took as a reference.

You can start by creating an Excel or a control sheet to organize yourself. Include basic columns such as the following:

  • Name of the blog;
  • Blog address;
  • Domain authority;
  • Performance area;
  • Name and contact of the person in charge;
  • Situation (you have already contacted him, he has already responded, etc.)

Another idea is to use SemRush to search for keywords that have to do with your theme and find results from the main sites with a good ranking for that keyword.

The last step in your research is to check the domain authority on potential contributing blogs. This step is important because if the site has a low authority it may even harm you. To help you, we introduce you: Moz’s Open Site Explorer. Enter the address of the collaborating blog in the “URL” field and choose the domains with an authority greater than 20.

Exchange of proposals

Save time and when you contact the author, pass him a solid proposal. Establish the theme of which you will develop the post, become courageous, and show him the reason why the alliance is interesting.


Cool. You already have the green light and the bases of the collaboration are clear. It is time to get down to work. Here are some tips:

  • Try to have more than 1000 words.
  • Enter the keyword in the title and the first two paragraphs.
  • Be original and careful. Do not write anything that you would not post on your blog.
  • Do not advertise your services.

Communicate and how our blog can help you

Now we know what guest blogging is and what advantages its application has, but sometimes it is difficult to start, but do not worry at Comunicare we will help you. We are a digital marketing agency aimed at creating digital strategies to increase the positioning of your company or brand, thanks to the use of pioneering tools. But above all, at Comunicare we are storytellers. From content generation attractive for your social networks, or your blog, enriching your website, and generating advertising campaigns. Optimized and creative content supports SEO, makes you gain differentiation from your competition, and with us, you also benefit from the quantification of results with measurements at all stages of your strategy.

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