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Getting started with Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple organized a press breakfast in its store, to present the iPhone 7 for its official release. Obviously, we did not miss the opportunity to quickly take control of Apple’s new premium smartphone.


Or almost. While there had been big changes between previous iPhone generations, the differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are not obvious. So of course, the antennas are placed differently, the Jack socket has disappeared, and the photo module has changed a bit too. But we still find this aluminum cabin, these rounded corners, and the same dimensions.

However, let’s focus on a small detail: the Home button It is no longer physical, but tactile and uses the haptic engine found on the screen. In use, it is quite special since we have the impression that the entire mobile vibrates under our finger. Okay, overall, the 4.7-inch model still really packs a punch for its handling. It feels good on the fingers, is easy to handle and makes a good impression.

The 5.5-inch model is much harder to charm us. Apple has not revised the dimensions of its beast, and it retains screen borders (top and bottom) that are much too imposing. The size / screen ratio is suddenly very average, and the mobile handles much less well than some 5.5-inch Android smartphones. It is all the more unfortunate that the 7 Plus is the only model to integrate the dual photo sensor. We will therefore have to make a choice: the look or the double sensor.


Jet black, jet black. We only hear about him since the presentation of the new iPhone unlock store. The color, unveiled by Apple during the  keynote, is reserved for models with the most internal memory (128 and 256 GB), just to raise the sauce a little more. Except that once out of the billboards, the Jet Black model – its English name – does not have anything very exciting.

In fact, we even have the impression of having an ordinary plastic phone in front of us, which tends to be less premium than metal. Suffice to say that you will avoid eating fries without a fork and handling the mobile in stride. It is a track catcher like we do more. And fiddling with this model after it has passed through the hands of a slew of journalists is not very sweet. Our opinion is that Jet Black is overhyped.


Let’s come to the photo sensor of this iPhone unlock store, but especially that of the iPhone 7 Plus. As a reminder, the 4.7-inch model has a brand new 12-megapixel sensor with a quad-tone flash, a lens with an f / 1.8 aperture and optical stabilization. As for the 5.5-inch model, it incorporates two 12-megapixel sensors. One takes care of the wide-angle while the other takes care of close-up subjects, with a x2 optical zoom and a digital zoom x10.

Having had the time to play a few minutes with the two smartphones, we can say that fans of the brand are not likely to be disappointed by Apple in terms of photography. As always, the manufacturer will certainly be able to place itself as one of the most talented in this field, and the few pictures we were able to take seemed very good to us, even when viewed only on the terminal screen.

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Obviously, the iPhone 7 is directly installed under iOS 10, and there are the small functions that we have detailed in our dedicated article. There are also small ergonomic concerns, such as the fact that it is necessary to go to the photo settings to be able to change the video recording format. We wonder why Apple does not offer the option on the photo interface directly.

What is also obvious, when playing with the brand’s new phone, is the responsiveness and fluidity of the device. We are navigating from application to application at full speed, and this seems to confirm the first performance reports of this A10 chip, which should make everyone agree.


Difficult to form a definitive opinion on a smartphone that we only had a few minutes in hand, but the results seem positive. Without revolutionizing the genre, Apple is making some welcome changes (apart from perhaps the disappearance of the Jack port) to a proven product. We prefer the space black model to a Jet Black without much flavor.