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desert safari

Desert safari | An experience like no other extend your desert adventure

Firstly, extend your Heritage Safari or Private Night Safari with Astronomy by spending the night in the heart of the Dubai desert. However, This immersive camping safari ticks all the boxes and takes you back in time to experience Dubai as it was before the city was born, in the desert, and under the stars.

Secondly, After a memorable evening spent around the bonfire in traditional males, retreat to your private room, these Arabic stone dwelling rooms are inspired by how the Bedouin designed and built their accommodation. However, you can enjoy a restful sleep with no sounds or lights from the city to interrupt. Your room is fully equipped with a bed and comfortable bedding.

Lastly, Customize your desert adventure even further by choosing to sleep in and wake up to a gourmet breakfast or rising before the sun to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime hot air ballooning experience followed by istanbul escort breakfast.

Discover the deserts

The city of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by deserts contoured beautifully by sand dunes. The prominent areas suitable for desert safari are

  1. The golden-orange hued sands around the Lisa Oasis form a part of the great Rub Al Khali, the world’s largest sand desert.
  2. Al Khatami Desert, around 80 kilometres from downtown Abu Dhabi boasts sand dunes that are in a class of their own.
  3. Sheehan sits astride the borders of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Aim. The soft sands and big dunes make this desert a complex experience for even skilled drivers.

Different kinds of safaris

Firstly, Many tour operators offer a variety of desert safaris to suit various interests. Secondly, you can choose Half-Day Safaris, Morning or Sunrise Safaris or spend a whole day exploring the sandy terrain. Alternately, you can choose to stretch your adventure with an Overnight desert Safari. Away from city lights, the night sky emerges into its true beauty over the desert. lastly, You can also go on a journey of discovery the traditional way, on a Camel or go modern with a Dune Buggy or a Quad Bike.

Go on a desert safari

Firstly, The desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi has been fine-tuned to perfection by a slew of experienced tour guides and operators. From luxurious expeditions to essential tours, you can opt for a safari that best suits your preferences and wallet. Secondly, You can expect some dune-based activities on every tour though – dune bashing on a 4×4, quad biking or sand skiing. However, Some tours might even throw in a visit to a camel farm and let you ride one too. While some tours may offer a picnic, another might pop open a wine bottle. Naturally, if you decide to opt for a camp-out, you can expect to be pampered with all of the above, a barbeque and a performance of belly dancing. Lastly, The good thing about going with a tour is that most will offer pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

Safari Packages

Throughout the myriad of safari packages on offer, including overnight desert safari stays, night safaris, camel trekking, and dune buggy riding, desert safari explorers are able to glimpse through a window into Dubai’s Bedouin traditions, cultural roots and naturally beautiful desert landscapes.

‘The Sundowner’ Desert Safari

The most popular safari option is an all-inclusive desert safari package (‘The Sundowner’), which includes an exhilarating sunset session of dune-bashing in a 4×4, followed by a trip to a Bedouin-style camp, where visitors can enjoy camel riding, falconry, a belly-dancing performance and a delicious three-course Middle Eastern buffet. As the evening progresses, guests may choose to have henna tattoos, smoke Arabic shisha, and relax under the starry, moonlit sky.

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Our range of desert safaris suits all different types of travellers. Whether you are looking for an adventure or a luxurious journey through the dunes, we have meticulously created the experience for you! With our experiences, we strive to deliver unique and memorable adventures in the most sustainable and innovative ways possible.


A setting sun in the desert in Dubai is equally charming if not less when compared to the rising sun. The orange-ash hue dissipated by the sun as it disappears behind one of those dunes is truly a spectacle to behold. Drive a Range Rover to one of the dunes and enjoy the moments as looks huge in the background. That’s the perfect moment for some candid photography!

 Happening night

With a range of entertainment and activities like dancing on stilts, fire-eating, swirling, and exotic belly dancing, a night doesn’t get better than this. Anchor your luxury tent and enjoy exciting moments with your friends and family. Near the tent, spend the night under the stars and experience desert safari Dubai with BBQ, bonfire, and celebrations.

 dinner and BBQ session!

Dubai cuisine is known for its lip-smacking taste and trickling flavours! Buffets served during a desert safari in Dubai include evergreen kebabs, hummus, and an array of exciting Iranian and Lebanese dishes. Belly dance and music at the time of dinner create a typical Arabian night’s vibe!

Late-night dune bashing

Firstly, dune bashing, desert safari and stargazing are the highlights of the best desert safari in Dubai. The nights are mostly windy and cold, exactly the time when you can get inside the Range Rover and take up a romantic drive with your partner.

Secondly, Drive all the way to the dunes and spend time watching the best of the Arabian Desert in the middle of the night. Camping and morning breakfast are the most popular combos offered during an overnight desert safari in Dubai.

Attractions of interest for travellers: Red Dunes of Al Habana


  • The Dubai desert safari is the highlight of Dubai tourism. It is the perfect way of experiencing life in the desert. It is the desert where the Arabs lived before they moved to the present-day city. Hence, it is an important and integral part of the culture and traditions of Dubai
  • Morning Dubai desert safari is exciting because of daylight, and tourists can truly observe the beauty of sand stretches, sand waves, glowing desert looks, etc. Evening Dubai desert safari is famous for the beautiful sunset and cool breeze waves from the desert.