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college football playoffs

Can We Expand The Teams In The College Football Playoffs?

College football playoffs is a kind of invitational tournament to determine a national champion for the highest level of competition. Out of all the teams, only four teams advanced to the semifinal games, and then the winner was chosen out of the semifinal. The winner of each then advances to the national championship game. 

Some many players and bettors ask- Who chooses the teams in college football playoffs? We have got an answer to your question. The college football playoffs have a 13 member committee set up that selects the teams to participate in the event. Initially, things went well with four teams. 

But as competition grew, there was a buzz regarding the expansion of the college football team. Almost everyone thinks that a 12 team version will win out as plans are coming into focus. Everyone feels that it is a great idea to expand the teams. Let us discover more about whether it is desirable to expand the college football teams’ teams. 

College football teams 

The college football playoffs management committee decided to change the present four-team format to a 12 team format. Let us figure out some of the benefits of the expansion of the teams of college football playoffs. 

Increases competition 

The foremost benefit that will accrue to the college football teams upon increasing its number of teams is that the competition will be increased this way. This will further lead to inculcating competitive spirit in the players and athletes and will motivate them to perform better to be on the shortlist for the final round. 

More opportunity

The members working in the committee asserted that the four-team format was working well as it was popular, but somewhere it confined the scope of the college football playoffs. But along with this, it is also important to consider expansion as an opportunity for other teams. 

Enhance regular season 

An expansion of college football teams to 12 will also enhance the regular season format, as more teams will participate. There was quite a lengthy discussion on this format. Consequently, if the management wants to spur up the action and enhance the season, then expansion of teams is the only way. 

Increases excitement 

Another advantage of increasing the number of teams in the college football playoffs is that it will increase the national excitement of college football. More teams participating in the event will lead to more excitement among the teams to perform better than others, automatically attracting people’s interest in it. Consequently, if the management wants to attract a larger audience, this is a great option available. For more information, you can visit dailysport.

Reserved spots 

When the management team announces its motive to expand the teams from four to twelve, it also made clear that six spots would be reserved for the highest-ranked conference champions. Besides this, the other ones will go to large selections. The sole motive is to increase the participation behind this and nothing else. The highly deserving teams get rewards for their efforts this way. 

Still, it is not confirmed till now whether the teams are going to expand or not. The boards will determine any decision concerning the team’s expansion and other formats. But if it expands, then it will get an opportunity to capture student-athletes and fans’ love of the game. For now, the proposal has been presented to the committee, but the college football playoffs and audience is still awaiting the decision. 


The team’s expansion is a good idea and, if executed, will be highly profitable to the college football playoffs. Let’s hope for the best and in favor of the athletes.