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Beas Kund Trek is the most popular trek in the town of Manali. People will be stunned by the beauty of the Beas Trek. People can witness the high peak mountains in the town of Manali. Manali is a town located in northern Himachal Pradesh. Manali is famous for its adventurous tourist spots and adventurous activities. Manali is also a safe place to travel. 


Beas Kund Trek has its own religious significance. The stunning views and the adventures that Beas  Trek holds make it more unique from all other treks. It is also being said that it’s not difficult to go on trekking to Beas Trek. The difficulties will be moderate at the time of trekking in the Beas Kund at Trek. It takes 3 to 4 days to complete our trekking at the  Kund Trek. The maximum altitude of the  is 12500 feet. The trekking distance at the  covers around 47 kilometers. The perfect time to visit the is from the middle of May month to the middle of October. The stunning views of the  can be witnessed during the time between the middle of May to the middle of October.

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The tourists, travelers, and trekkers are said to take their own care for water as the continuous availability of water is not assured at this place and you are advised to fill your water containers again if you get a source of fresh water in the midst of your trekking. In the , the foods available will be mostly vegetarian. As there will be no eating outlets available in theif you are going alone then you are advised to take food on their own. Along the way of the Beas Kund Trek, there will be several campsites available for stay.


The Beas river is considered one of the most famous rivers in the Himalayan region. It is also believed that the Beas river has been named after the Rishi Veda Vyas. There are many stunning viewed places that were also turned into prominent tourist destinations. The Beas river passes through Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. 


The Beas Kund Trek is located at an elevation of about 12140 feet above sea level. The  Kund trek is said to be easy for beginners and it is also one of the short treks in India. It is also considered a beginner’s level trek. People avoid visiting the Beas  Trek during the month of August and the beginning of September to avoid the heavy monsoon. Because it may be hard for beginners to complete their trekking. The  Kund Trek is being surrounded by an igloo shapes stone structure which is being been considered sacred by the Hindus. 


Dhundi is the starting point of the Beas Kund Trek and the Beas river. The Dhundi is the last village of the Solang Valley. This place is the last place for the trekkers to halt before starting their trekking towards the mountains.


Beas Kund trek is one of the best trekking destinations for beginners. The place has several astonishing destinations that will be loved by the visitors and so will visit there again and again. the Beas  trek gives a lifetime experience for the people who visit there. The Kund Trek which is easier for beginners gives confidence for those trekkers to explore more towards trekking.