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Staff Lockers

All About Using Hybrid Staff Lockers in Workspace

The workplace is changing very fast. Technology is getting into every corner. Nowadays, the working population wants comfort at work. Employers are taking steps to simplify employee’s life. They are introducing an innovative working environment. Staff lockers make an essential part of the office. Traditional staff lockers are made with a standard design. They have the same storage space and size. But, everything cannot fit into them. Offices need extra space. Some other open corner of the office is used. So, ultimately extra space is still used with a locker. There are other problems with the traditional lockers.

Problems with Conventional Lockers

  • Keys misplacement

The old lockers have a manual locking system. The owners keep the keys. Thus, others have to complete formalities if they forget keys. After this, they get new keys. This wastes time and resources.

  • Empty lockers

There can be a delay in locker allocation. It can be due to miscommunication. As a result, we have empty lockers.

  • Extra resource for management

Locker management requires people. These people do not learn anything new. In fact, it is a waste of resources.

Technology is the solution. Hybrid lockers are the best solution. They come in a variety of colors and models. They also have multiple features.

In this section, we will jot down the features of Hybrid Lockers

  • Multipurpose lockers

Hybrid lockers have multiple lockers. In addition, each locker is of a different size. Thus, the user can use each locker for other purposes.

  • Shared lockers

This concept is new and valuable. The office staff can share the lockers. Also, they can keep things safe. They can store shared documents and digital devices. Any authorized person can take it. Everyone using the staff locker can share the password. This makes the staff locker a safe and secure place. It is the best location for storing sensitive and costly items.

  • Automated parcel delivery

It acts as an automatic storage system. Office staff can store parcels in them. Then, they can share it with the designated person. So, the parcel gets in the hands of the selected employee.

  • Digital booking

The locker is booked using the web or mobile application. Here, the locker is transferred using this application. In addition, the management can keep track of all the updates. The application records every activity.

  • Device panel

A device panel can be provided inside the staff locker to keep their specific devices. In addition, many lockers come with charging points for charging mobiles and laptops.

Check out the advantages of Hybrid Lockers

Hybrid staff lockers have numerous advantages other than the sharing feature. Let us take a look:

  • Sustainability

Firstly, one-time purchase of staff lockers for the employees can go costly. Secondly, sustainability is also essential for the staff lockers. As hybrid lockers come in different materials, users get a variety to choose from. In addition, these lockers can be painted and re-designed after a few years to give a different and new look.

  • Flexibility of use

Hybrid lockers for office staff enhance the flexibility of use. Moreover, multiple people can use a locker at different times. In addition, the user can immediately transfer it to the other person when not in use.

  • Ease of use

Hybrid staff lockers come with an easy-to-use user interface. As a result, the staff can quickly get accustomed to it. Thus, they can pre-book the lockers before arriving at the office and access them easily. Moreover, office staff can use the same interface to transfer it to someone else. So, the use is hassle-free without involving any second person in the process. 

  • Space-efficiency

The hybrid staff lockers can be used for many other purposes. This turns the lockers into a very space-efficient utility. In addition to this, the staff lockers save a lot of space in the office by accommodating different items. Thus, there is no requirement for separate storage for other things such as guest storage and parcels.

  • High productivity

Using hybrid staff lockers is hassle-free. This makes the entire process very time efficient. The office staff can concentrate on productive work without worrying about locker allocation. Also, there are no incidents like misplacement of keys that consume the productive time of the office staff. As a result, lockers for office staff increase the employees’ productivity.

  • Enhanced user experience

Getting hybrid lockers for the office staff enhances the user experience. The employees value the organization for taking care of their needs and time. Therefore, a better user experience automatically improves productivity at the workplace.

 Check out how to Select a Hybrid Locker

Selecting a hybrid locker for your office staff can be a tricky process. First of all, it is essential to list the purpose of purchasing the locker. Here is the list of steps to follow to make a worthy purchase.

  • Make a purpose list

Above all, make a list of all the locker’s purposes. It can include parcel locker, staff locker, guest locker, and other uses. Moreover, the goal is to install all-in-one lockers. So, make the purchase worth it. For example, let the staff locker be all-in-one storage.

  • Measure the locker dimension

Take measurements of the locker installation area. Next, take care of the individual locker. Keep their particular use in mind. Lastly, negotiate the requirements with the vendor.

  • Check out the features

A hybrid locker can have many features. Firstly, look for the features you want in your staff locker. You may get to opt for notifications, alerts, and a number of device brackets. Afterward, choose it carefully, keeping future use in consideration. Lastly, select staff lockers based on the types of gadgets used by the office staff.

  • Select the versatile material

The material of the staff locker is essential. Above all, it should be robust and sustainable. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for staff lockers. Anyone can easily paint and re-design it to give a fresh look after some time.

  • Enquire about customizations

Get customized lockers. Talk to the vendor. Check if they can deliver custom lockers per your requirements. In addition, check if they provide a locker of specific material, size, and design. Remember, it is a one-time investment. So, make it worth it.

  • Keep a check on the budget

Every customization and addition on the locker is going to cost you. Therefore, it would be wise to get the necessary customizations in the locker. Then, any further development should be subject to its cost. It would be better to list features based on the priority with a budget in mind. The customizations can stop as soon as there is a red flag on the budget.

Hybrid staff lockers are worth purchasing. They have multiple features and benefits. Ease-of-use is the highest priority requirement for staff locker. We have one of the leading staff lockers and other storage solutions manufacturers. We have an extensive collection and variety of storage solutions. Visit our website today to grab the best offers on the best quality lockers.