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Windows and Doors

Access To Funding for Windows and Doors from the UK Government in 2022

There are several initiatives by the UK government aimed at enhancing the quality of the housing stock, raising environmental standards, and ensuring the safety of homes.

Double-glazing and other energy-efficient window upgrades are at the heart of all three.

If you own a house, you may still be eligible for some of the window replacement programs such as grants for windows and doors. When it comes to safety and energy efficiency, double-glazed windows are among the best. Governments prefer UPVC double-glazed windows because they give these advantages at a moderate cost. 

By granting rewards to homeowners that make energy-efficient window renovations using this glazing technology and this building material, the government is encouraging the use of these more dependable windows. It is possible to take advantage of government programs for your windows, and in addition to this, you will profit from the following advantages:

  • UPVC lifetime of 140 years with windows that are made from recyclable materials.
  • Your house will be more energy efficient as a result.
  • Help keep windows free of mold and dampness. 
  • Window Frames that are both long-lasting and simple to clean.

Since most government programs are geared toward boosting green energy and sustainability it’s understandable why this sort of window expansion is a priority for both renters and homeowners in the UK.

Who is Eligible for Free Windows and Doors Grants?

To get new windows and doors, you’ll need to contact the organization that owns and operates your home if you’re a member of either a housing association or a council tenant. 

What kind of Government Grants are available for Windows?

Now that we know you’re eligible, we can go through some of the grants that are out there. Depending on where you live, you may have a different set of grant possibilities available to you. Some local programs may be more enticing than others, but we’ll take a look at some national ones as well. For persons in a wide variety of situations, grants for windows are available that may assist increase the energy efficiency of your house or just decrease the cost of your utility bills.

The following funded programs are examples of grants for windows and doors from the government

1 Green Homes Grant 

With the Green Homes Grant, you may get up to £10,000 to put toward energy efficiency upgrades in your home. This is one of the finest grants for installing windows since it covers the installation of windows with double or triple glazing. Simply fill out the questionnaire on the website to begin applying for grants for new windows and doors.  

2 The Energy Company Obligation 

If you’re paying too much for your electricity, this may be a great government program. If you have other benefits, you may be qualified for this one as well, so it’s worth investigating even if you aren’t. Insulation may be more important, although windows that are tiny or ineffective may also be covered by the energy company’s requirements. On your provider’s Energy Company Obligation page, you can get started.

3 Other Energy Bills Grant 

There are several other ways in which you may save money on your utility bills, such as by taking advantage of various grants and rebates. However, if your energy costs are exceptionally high or if your financial situation makes it difficult for you to keep on top of your energy bills, this is an option worth considering.

Even if you can’t acquire the windows themselves, you may reduce your expenses in other ways by following the suggestions above. Another option is to utilize one of the various local programs available, however, this is contingent on your eligibility and may differ greatly from region to region.

Choosing Expert and Reliable Window Installers

As double glazed window specialists, we often do home renovations, including double glazing. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting an installer if you’re utilizing government funding to purchase Windows. A badly installed window replacement or any other house repair that improves energy efficiency is of little use. It is critical to make an informed decision in light of a wide variety of risks.

A few things to keep an eye out for:

1 Free Site Survey 

There is nothing more disheartening than having a design concept in your head, only to discover later that the project is impossible. Good window installers provide a free site study to determine the most effective ways to make a house more energy efficient.

2 Guarantees

Good builders take pride in their work and have a strong belief in the outcomes of their endeavors. Short warranties might be a symptom of poor installation procedures or substandard items, so be wary when you see them. The bare minimum of service is between five and ten years.

3 Product selection

When looking for a window installer, look for one with a wide choice of products. This not only shows that the supplier is knowledgeable about the greatest stocks, but it also shows that they are at the forefront of their field. When a corporation provides a supply-only service to other members of their trade, it shows that they have a strong connection with manufacturers and a high reputation in their field.

Consider if you’re eligible for the award and then request a free window installation survey.


CUIN glass is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and inventive in its form and design and has emerged as one of the most cutting-edge technological innovations in the glazing industry. 

At Crystal Units, we are in a good position to talk about window grants from the government and provide advice on how to choose CUIN installation if you live in the UK. To begin the process of installing your new or replacement windows, you may contact us for a survey and begin designing your double-glazed windows while you await grants for windows and doors from the government 2022.

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