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After spending a lot of time inside our house earlier due to global pandemic and consequent lockdown and then due to the chilling weather due to winters’ arrival, we are eager to step out of our houses and start engaging in some outdoor activities. Knowing the fact that the spring season has arrived, we can now get engaged with the outdoors. To start with, you can pick your garden. The lockdown would have affected your garden as well, and you would not have been able to order flowers online for you to grow in your garden neither would you have been able to manure pesticides, medicine and other essential tools for your garden. 

So this spring, choose to give a totally different look to your garden in order to welcome this year with positive vibes. The internet is full of ideas for maintaining an enticing garden. You can start acting upon any of those. If you love the colour pink and would like to surround yourself with elegant pink blooms, you must go through our list of charming pink flowers for the most enticing garden ever. 


Mostly found in the Rocky areas, Snapdragons start blooming from April and continue flourishing till the frost. Snapdragons can grow in different shades, including a black coloured flower as well. They are a symbol of strength.


Bougainvillaea is a thorny bush that grows into a vine. It spreads all over the walls or fences of the house and gives it a decorative look. However, it grows in shades of white, orange, red, and yellow as well. The most commonly found ones are paper-like petals, which are pink in colour. 


Geranium can be found in temperate regions or hilly areas. Another name for these flowers is Cranesbills. They grow as small shrubs and make a wonderful gift for housewarming parties. They are found in shades of red and purple as well. Pink geraniums symbolize happiness. 


Begonia is an ornamental house plant that can be placed indoors as well. They come across eighteen hundred different species. These tropical flowers are known for their waxy leaves. Different shades of the flower indicate a different message. During ancient times, they were used as a sign of warning. 


Over the years, lilies are known for their association with fertility and reincarnation owing to their origin in the Greek myths. If you are thinking of buy Lilies flowers online, you may find various shades of the flower such as red, white and Yellow. However, a pink lily would be perfect for the favourite lady in your life as it conveys admiration. 


Many people believe that the flower got its name from coronation as these flowers were used in the crowns or tiaras during Greek ceremonies. Carnations are as delicate as tissues. Traditionally, carnations are associated with fascination. However, a pink carnation is used to express gratitude. 


This flower is actually named after its appearance. Aster flowers resemble stars in shape and that is the reason why they are named so. The meaning of the Greek word Aster is a star. They also resemble lovely daisies. Asters bloom in shades of red, mauve, white, pink and lilac. They can be offered to a person to wish they’re well being. 


The vibrant blooms of petunia are really slow in their growth and often die within a span of fourteen to eighteen months. Blooming in varying shades of red, white, pink, purple and yellow petunias can have a striped appearance as well. A pink petunia is indicative of compassion and motherly love.


Roses are meant primarily for love. Yellow bloom can be offered to a friend, while a white one denotes peace. The gentle pink rose is a mark of thankfulness. 

The colour pink represents purity and innocence. It is mostly associated with lovely ladies. Pink indicates something feminine. You can grow beautiful blooms of pink shades and send flowers from your garden to your loved ones. Offering pink flowers is an excellent way of conveying our heartfelt emotions to our loved ones. 

Pink flowers can be a great choice for mother’s day gifts. You can decorate your house with pink flowers to welcome a newly born baby girl to your family. Pink flowers are a mark of elegance and poise. You can offer it to someone to say; you make my life beautiful. 

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