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Bamboo Blinds
Bamboo Blinds

7 Benefits of Choosing Bamboo Blinds For Windows

There are many benefits to choosing bamboo blinds over traditional blinds. A natural material, it has several advantages over the more common PVC. Vinyl or aluminum products may be found in your local home improvement store. For example, here are ten reasons why you might consider using bamboo instead of other types of window treatments:

1. Come in Many Styles and Colors

One benefit is that if you’re shopping for new blinds. You’ll find there are many styles and colors available with bamboo. From sheer to opaque. They come in a variety of different hues or tints including orange-red, emerald green, and smokey grey. This may make it easier to find something with a color palette that closely matches your current décor.

2. More Eco-Friendly Than Other Materials

Another great benefit of bamboo is the fact that it’s a sustainable resource. Concerned about the world we live in? You may want to consider products made from renewable materials. And with its rapid growth cycle, bamboo has been identified as an especially eco-friendly choice. Bamboo also requires less water and fertilizer than other types of plants and trees used for making blinds including cottonwood and eucalyptus. This is one reason why the manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals as well.

3. Better Resistance to Fading or Shrinking

When Compared with Vinyl or Aluminum Blinds. While you may still take precautions such as using blinds that are rated “Blockout strength” to protect your windows from the sun. Bamboo blinds actually have better resistance to fading or shrinking than other materials. The tight weave of its grain provides more durability and generally results in a longer-lasting product than cheap vinyl blinds.

4. Often Recyclable

When you go shopping for new window treatments, another benefit of bamboo is the fact that it’s often recyclable. This may be one factor that erases any guilt you might otherwise experience using an environmentally friendly material like this for your home or business. Also, since there’s no waste material when cutting panels. Manufacturers can sell what would otherwise be scrap wood to others who will use it as pulp for making paper products or even new blinds.

5. Easy to Maintain

Many consider bamboo a more durable choice than vinyl, aluminum, and other types of materials that are commonly used for making blinds. It’s also easier to maintain; since it requires less cleaning, you may find that you save time by using your bamboo blinds. Some manufacturers recommend only using warm water to clean the slats while others may suggest mild soap or dusting spray specifically designed for window treatment use.

6. More Resistant to Bowing Out or Sagging

One reason people go shopping for new blinds is that their old ones start to bow out or sag. To counter this tendency, you may want to look for a blind made from bamboo with its greater resistance to warping and other types of problems that can cause the slats in your window treatments to begin sagging.

7. Environmentally Friendly Choice

Another reason why many people choose bamboo over traditional materials is that it’s environmentally friendly when compared with vinyl, aluminum, and other types of products. Since it requires less water and fertilizer than trees used for making blinds such as cottonwood and eucalyptus. There are fewer chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. Plus, unlike PVC, vinyl, or aluminum blinds which will sit in landfills for years, you’ll find that bamboo is recyclable.

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