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6 Tips to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

6 Tips to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

Amazon Web Services is administering the cloud market with the best offer worth. Presently, it has transformed into a tyrannical element in the cloud market. AWS has had the cloud market in the previous year and will proceed with something similar before long also. Not to state, IT experts are moving towards AWS cloud. AWS has offered a few certificates to endorse the candidate’s ability in AWS in view of involvement and energy. In this article, we will give you a bit by bit approach for the planning of the AWS Developer partner accreditation test. We should start with what is of the AWS Developer Associate confirmation test.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification

The AWS guaranteed Developer partner test ensures the candidate’s capability and specialized information on creating and overseeing applications on AWS. The AWS Developer Associate test is a generally simple test. You expect to have an impression of creating, planning, and extending administrations on AWS.

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This Exam Validates an Applicants’ Ability to:

  • Configuration, create and send cloud-based elucidations using AWS
  • Get familiar with the center AWS administrations, clients, and crucial design best practices
  • Create and oversee applications drafted for Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), Amazon
  • Straightforward Workflow Service (SWS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation
  • DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon
  • Necessities for the AWS Developer Associate Exam
  • At least one years of commonsense involvement with planning and creating applications on the AWS stage
  • Comprehension of at least one significant level programming language
  • Information center AWS administrations
  • Capacity to configuration, create, and send cloud-put together explanation with respect to AWS stage

Tips to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

The best groundwork for this confirmation test is an involved encounter. We instruct at least one years concerning active experience utilizing AWS, particularly creating applications rehearsing AWS innovations and administrations.

1. Pursue Free Tier

The essential advance to begin getting ready will be to get involved insight with AWS administrations. You can pursue the AWS complementary plan account. This complementary plan account gives you a prologue to practically every one of the administrations AWS offers and it is an incredible technique for you. The more you are simple with the AWS administrations, the more it is basic for you to breeze through the test.

2. Peruse and Analyze AWS FAQs

The AWS Product and Technical FAQs reflects commonly got clarification on some things and issues. Assuming that you inspect these FAQs, you could find solutions to assessment questions. We recommend basically read the accompanying FAQS:

  • Cloud arrangement FAQs
  • Highway 53 FAQs
  • EC2 FAQs
  • DynamoDB FAQs
  • RDS FAQs
  • S3 FAQs
  • IAM FAQs
  • SNS FAQs
  • SWF FAQs
  • SQS FAQs
  • Also, VPC FAQs

3. Concentrate on the White Papers

There are some AWS Whitepapers suggested inspecting. You can grow your specialized information about AWS administrations and advances; those had been created by the AWS group, consultant investigators, and AWS accomplices. Basically go through the accompanying whitepapers:

  • Outline of AWS Services
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options
  • Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes
  • AWS Security Best Practices
  • Advancement and Test on AWS
  • How AWS Pricing Work

4. Get ready with Recommended Books

Getting the right books for the AWS Developer Associate confirmation test will help you in the readiness. Great books are the way to phenomenal readiness and add importance to what you have proactively gotten a handle on. AWS has recommended a few books for AWS Developer Associate test. There are a few different books that will tackle the goal of introducing a review guide for you.

5. Take a Practice Tests

Test your insight online in timed conditions. When you have concentrate on the white papers, FAQs and official documentation given by AWS Amazon, now is the right time to settle some training questions and test reproductions. We suggest giving practice tests at ; they can test your insight obtained.

6. Peruse Some Blogs and Participate in a Community

Make a review bunch, join a local area or read sites for propelling your insight. For example, you can observe suitable information perusing our websites; it has a ton of extra and significant data to take and clear your AWS Certification test with a phenomenal score.

AWS Certification Exam Strategy

A decent spot to begin is understanding the AWS ing procedure. These are very much planned s. Indeed, they have a few inquiries that could be phrased better, and their “” tests fail to impress anyone, yet those are little criticizes. For what reason do I say they’re all around planned? The main motivation is that they use long-structure situation based questions.

I still can’t seem to experience an inquiry like “What is the maximum systems administration throughput of a t2.micro?” These kinds of inquiries are very common in other confirmation tests. The VCP test was a reiteration of “The number of VMs per have?” type questions. Not exclusively is that sort of data for the most part futile, it’s likewise normally invalid when the is live. You’re left retaining familiar maximums that don’t have any significant bearing. Long-structure situation based questions move beyond the repetition retention of maximums and get you to a genuine judgment on the comprehension of the stage.

Further, the inquiries are fascinating and locking in. Generally speaking, I observe the inquiries seeming like something I’ve encountered with a client. In conclusion, situation questions make it harder to swindle. Remembering 500 vms per have is simple. Retaining a whole anecdote around a three-level site and the arrangement with decreased overt repetitiveness S3 is hard. The harder it is for individuals to cheat, the greater legitimacy and regard the affirmation will hold.


We trust that this article would assist you with getting ready for the AWS designer partner affirmation test. On the off chance that you are asking about beginning your profession now into the distributed computing field, it is the best chance to begin getting ready for the AWS Certified Developer Associate certificate test; it is the passage and least troublesome of the related level tests. Working on, contemplating and auditing with something like 2-hour regular responsibility for one month, you will be fit to accomplish this certificate.


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