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online hockey betting

5 Helpful Strategies to Win Online Hockey Betting

Are you looking for a fun-filled sport that you can place your bet on and get a chance to make money? Then, online hockey betting is your game. Despite this sport being enjoyable, it’s a fast-paced game, and let’s also warn you, it’s not an easy play. But once you master it, you’ll find it profiting and exciting by using some profitable winning tips that we’ll share with you below.

Having a strategy in hockey betting helps the bettor with the following elements:

  • Instils discipline
  • Reduces the chance of losing your bankroll
  • Tilt protection
  • Systematic profits

1. Betting on Favorites

Favorites usually have a high chance of winning, and that’s why this is a well-known strategy for online hockey betting using a handicap. One drawback of this strategy is, favorites are usually underestimated, and the profit you get is less as they are likely to win. But with the correct matches, you can get great results. Also, you need to include the right financial management plan for this to work.

2. Betting on Underdogs

Now, what happens when you decide to go in the opposite direction? Betting for the Underdog- team less likely to win? While the chance of winning is rare, once you do, you gain a mathematical advantage over the bookies. To help you succeed in this betting strategy, these are some of the factors you need to consider:

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  • Use it if the away team hasn’t been defeated in 2-3 games
  • When the favorite is playing the second match on two consecutive days.
  • When the favorite plays at home after the home-away sequence.

3. Implied Probability

If you’re planning to give a shot on online hockey betting, then you must familiarize yourself with implied probability. Why? Because it is associated with every betting line. For instance, let’s say you’re considering this line: Canadiens vs. Bruins. So, Montreal is -130 and the Bruins +110. While Canadiens stand at -130, they have an implied probability of 54.3% if it’s a vigorish calculation. At the same time, the Bruins have a 45.7% chance.

If your numbers tell you that the Canadiens have a better chance of winning more than 54.3%, it gives you an edge on Montreal at -130.

4. Possession-based Metrics

As you get into online hockey betting, there are various stats you’ll encounter. Some may not be all that, but some of these can be pretty predictive and give you a better idea of how good or bad a team can be. So, let’s take a look at some of these terms you’re likely to hear:


If a team shoots a puck toward the goal, that’s what is referred to as Corsi. And when the opponent does the same, that will be Corsi Against. In essence, this is a shot attempt at 5-on-5, and Corsi gives you a view of possession in a game. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of events in a hockey game as this can be so fluid.

Corsi For Percentage (CF%) is the difference between Corsi events for and Corsi against, in the form of a percentage. And when the team has a CF% over 50%, that means it has been controlling the action more than the rest.

Corsi may not be the jewel in the crown that some people make it to be, but it provides a good foundation with which to work.

Adjusting for Score

It’s advisable to adjust for scores whenever you look at Corsi above, expected goals, or advanced stats. For example, if a team is trailing 3-0, it will naturally push the pace. But team-up several Goals will hull up. Adjusting for score gives you a better idea of the actual talent level of a team.

Expected Goals

xG is pretty popular with soccer bettors, but you can also use it in the NHL. Hockey Analytics defines this as the total goal fractions expected from viewed unblocked shots.

When you start online hockey betting, you must note that all shot attempts are not equal. A bounce opportunity in front of the net has a higher chance of getting inside than a wrist shot taken from the blue line.

While the best way to use xG is at 5v5, if your focus is to break down how great a team’s power play or penalty kill is, then xG is perfect here.

5. Bet a Total of Over 1.5

It’s an interesting online hockey betting strategy that applies in the third period of the match. As the name implies, after two goals, the third has to be exactly (2) goals. What happens when the score difference is more than two goals? Then the teams MUST finish the match. You have to be careful with a draw or advantage in one Goal. If the difference is only two goals, then the most advantageous condition for Over (1.5) in the third duration confirms the statistic.

In Conclusion, one thing you’ll appreciate in online hockey betting, it’s a softer market, unlike other sports such as football or NBA. But the market again may not be as efficient since there are lesser bettors in the NHL. So, this may not be the easiest sport to bet, but our strategies above will ignite your way there.