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Outdoor Artificial Grass
Outdoor Artificial Grass

10 Benefits of Using Outdoor Artificial Grass

Tired of the maintenance involved with natural grass? Artificial turf, also known as artificial grass or synthetic turf, is an increasingly popular alternative. Installed properly and cared for properly, it can give homeowners many benefits over natural grass. Try our Outdoor Artificial Grass.

Here are just a few:

1. No mowing necessary

Forget about gasoline-powered lawn equipment and all those fumes. Instead you’ll need to snag a push mower and enjoy your weekend perusing the neighborhood without making your yard look like this:

2. You can control what goes on your lawn

Want pets but don’t want pet messes around? No problem! Just find out what is allowed by your homeowner’s association (or city), and stick to those rules whenever they come around for a visit. You can also decide if you want your grass to be edible, as it is at one park in Texas:

3. Fewer weeds

Natural grass has a tendency to attract dandelions and other weeds, but artificial turf tends to be weed-free and healthier for that reason. Of course, having a weedy lawn isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re into that kind of thing…

4. No mud

In the springtime you never know what kind of weather Mother Nature will throw at us, so naturally there’s likely going to be some mud puddles from time to time on your lawn. But with artificial grass you’ll have no such trouble! And if it rains during an outdoor party no worries — there’s no need to bring out the large buckets and mops.

5. Low Maintenance

Outdoor Artificial grass requires little in terms of general upkeep, such as watering or fertilizing. And your lawn will never die from lack of rain again!

6. No pests

Those pesky rabbits and turtles won’t be destroying your yard anymore when you switch to artificial turf — and who knows… maybe they’ll enjoy it too:

7. A more even playing field

With natural grass sometimes your yard can feel like a golf course with bumpy greens and hard-to-navigate fairways; however with artificial turf, there is no such trouble. You can invite guests over for a game of football or Frisbee with the confidence that your yard will provide a smooth surface for them to run, jump and play.

8. Choose your Aesthetic

Many homeowners wish they could change the color of their grass every season or year; with artificial turf, this is possible! You can choose from different shades (or colors), lengths (from short to tall), textures (grass-like or more like AstroTurf) and even make it smell like grass with fragrances available online.

9. Fake grass is good for the environment

Artificial turf eliminates all need for pesticides, fertilizers or gas-powered lawn mowers which can pollute our groundwater and air when used incorrectly. It also uses up less water than natural grass would, thus saving species of wildlife that need a steady source of water in order to survive.

10. Low Cost

Artificial turf can be installed for a fraction of the price it would take to replace natural grass every year. This is an appealing option for homeowners with natural grass who are tired of spending so much time and money on their lawns. And if you thought artificial turf was only for sports stadiums, think again! It’s available at many home improvement stores for your very own backyard oasis.