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10 Beautiful Places To Go Camping Near Mumbai

Assuming that you love finding India, you don’t need to go to the finishes of the country to encounter the fortunes it holds. Since some are simply on the edges of the city. It might profoundly shock many, yet it truly is feasible to go set up camp close to Mumbai.

Truth be told, the city has a ton of incredible setting up camp choices only a couple of hours away. Here you can invest energy away from the city, look at the stars and reach out to nature at its best. Here are probably the best set-up camp spots around Mumbai that will doubtlessly satisfy the courageous explorer in you. Search the Pincode search page to find the current location pin code.

Setting up camp Near Mumbai

1. Karnala

Simply a short drive away from Mumbai is Karnala, which is well known for various reasons. An unquestionable requirement visit is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, situated at the foundation of Karnala Fort. Here you can porno detect a scope of birds as they have north of 150 types of local birds and 37 types of transient birds. Get to know what is my zip code, go to search for the zip code of your area.

They offer directed visits which we suggest. During the day, we suggest you head out for a simple trip to the Karnala Fort or take a boat ride at Karnala Lake.

Area: 48 kilometers from Mumbai

Best Time to Visit: The best opportunity to visit Karnala is during winter. The temperatures are cooler so you’ll appreciate investing energy outside.

2. Vasind

An incredible spot for a late evening setting up camp around Mumbai, Vasind has a pleasant setting and a quiet and close environment. At this campground, aside from normal setting up camp exercises, one can likewise appreciate water sports, for example, kayaking and stream boating and long strolls in the peaceful woods.

The people who love to investigate the wild can take the trip up to the Mahuli Fort. Vasind is very much associated with Mumbai by street and the drive is quite simple – it shouldn’t take more time than an hour to reach. Assuming going by open vehicle, take transport from North Mumbai or catch a train from Kalyan station to get to Vasind.

Area: 63 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best chance to visit: Although the environment is extraordinary over time, try not to go throughout the late spring as evenings can get extremely blistering.

3. Shirota Lake

Assuming that you are hoping to move away from the hurrying around of the city, look no farther than Shirota Lake. This is probably the best spot you can unwind, loosen up, and even do some experience sports in some excellent environmental factors.

From fishing to boat rides, and in any event, clicking photos of fascinating birds, Shirota Lakeside permits you to do everything. Feeling more daring? Journey down to the close-by slope to appreciate delightful perspectives on the lake’s area. One of the seriously shocking evenings setting up camp spots close to Mumbai.

Area: 91 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best opportunity to visit: It is ideal to pursue the rainstorm, the downpour lights up the foliage here, leaving it looking lavish.

4. Bhatsa Dam

The bank of the Bhatsa dam is an optimal spot for setting up camp. Drive down to Bhatsa to appreciate swimming, a boat ride, and in any event, fishing. For the people who could do without the water, there are different exercises you can attempt here, for example, picturesque paths that are great for strolls.

Since it isn’t excessively far from Mumbai, the Bhatsa camping area is great for a one-day trip. Notwithstanding, assuming you are anticipating remaining, for the time being, there are camping areas that lease tents so you can rest under the stars. It is smarter to book ahead of time as this is a seriously famous vacation destination.

Area: 93 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best Time to Visit: The best chance to visit Bhatsa is during the blustery season (June to September) when the lakes are full and the plant life is at its best.

5. Shirgaon Beach

The Shirgaon Beach in Palghar joins the best of setting up camp and the ocean side. Indeed, you read that right. There is a little site near the ocean open for setting up camp where you can partake in the exquisite ocean breeze, take a dip, and even partake in some ocean-side games.

For youngsters, there are a couple of camel and ATV bicycle rides here. Subsequent to partaking in every one of the great things that Palghar offers, end your day by watching the nightfall at the ocean side. You can then go to the camping area, look at the stars, partake in a huge fire, and absorb the cool ocean breeze. This is as near an ideal end-of-the-week escape as it gets!

Area: 116 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best opportunity to visit: Although the environment is incredible consistently, going here during the rainstorm ought to be kept away from as the ocean can get quite harsh.

6. Pawna Lake

At Pawna Lake there is no valuable open door for trips or experience sports, yet one can partake in a dip in the lake and some water sports during the traveler season. In the event that you’re hoping to add a journey to your excursion, the close by Tikona fortress is a decent one to look at.

At Pawna Lake, there are a lot of campgrounds where one can lease a tent for a couple of days. Reserving these tents should be possible on the web. During the vacation season and at end of the week, it is prudent to book a tent ahead of time.

Area: 117.3 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best Time to Visit: The best chance to go is after the storm. This is the point at which the vegetation around illuminates and the spot look shocking.

7. Tikona

A detached journeying and camping area, Tikona is extraordinary for individuals who need some isolation. Found somewhat away from Lonavala, it offers grand perspectives on the Sahyadris. The riverbank of the lake close to Kamshet is the place where the greater part of the campgrounds exists.

Assuming you are going with your accomplice, you can partake in a few exceptionally comfortable minutes or a heartfelt outside BBQ. Then again, those going to gatherings can appreciate open-air sports, for example, traveling. A couple of things to remember is that since this spot is away from the city, convey a great deal of water and some food with you. Assuming you are going on a night trip to the Tikona post, convey a light with you and wear agreeable shoes. A genuinely astonishing spot to go set up camp around Mumbai.

Area: 120 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best opportunity to visit: Although the environment is incredible over time, try not to go during the summers in the event that you can’t handle warm temperatures.

8. Kolad

Situated on the banks of the Kundalika River, Kolad offers experience sweethearts with a lot of outside exercises to do, aside from setting up camp. The slope here is great for a short, simple trip that isn’t burdening. The individuals who love water sports can go kayaking and stream boating on the Kundalika waterway, it’s ideal to go during the storm when the waterway is full.

For those people who love to invest energy simply lazing around, there is a tremendous open space that is really great for setting up camp. Here you can watch the stars around evening time or partake in a wonderful open-air fire with your loved ones. Capitalize on your outing here by finishing it with a visit to the close-by town and absorbing the social sights and sounds that Kolad brings to the table.

Area: 122 kilometers from Mumbai

Best Time to Visit: Avoid going throughout the late spring as the temperatures go up to as high as 36°C. It is greatly improved to visit in the rainstorm or winter when temperatures are cooler.

9. Dahanu

Dahanu gives guests a lot of activities and see, so it’s great for those hoping to pack in however much as could be expected while on a get-away. You have the Dahanu stronghold that is established ever, the amazing Bahrot caverns to see, and the Kalpataru professional flowerbeds that are loaded up with vegetation.

Other than this, there are a lot of camping areas where one can appreciate huge fires, outside sports, and resting under the stars. There are a few camps in Dahanu that coordinate town visits also natural product picking exercises. At Dahanu, one likewise has the choice of taking a long heartfelt stroll around the ocean to watch the nightfall.

Area: 135 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best chance to visit: It is ideal to pursue the storm to encounter what Dahanu brings to the table.

10. Harishchandragad

Albeit this is a renowned spot for traveling, Harishchandragad has some exquisite campgrounds too. The landscape around offers the ideal setting to click a few fantastic pictures to reclaim home as recollections.

Assuming you are searching for experience, investigate the caverns and the hillforts that are extremely old. There is additionally a little lake at Harishchandragad, that is viewed as memorable. The drive to Harishchandragad from Mumbai is around four hours, which makes it ideal for a road trip, as well.

Area: 201 kilometers from Mumbai.

Best Time to Visit: The best chance to go is after the storm, this is the point at which the vegetation around illuminates and the spot look shocking.